20 minutes - Full Body Workout - Starter Edition Without equipment

20 minutes - Full Body Workout - Starter Edition Without equipment

20 minutes - Full Body Workout - Starter Edition Without equipment

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The topic of the episode is Aerobics for Women at Home.

Most women find excuses for not exercising, including lack of time, preoccupation, or an inability to exercise

Going to a gym and not having sports equipment at home, but all of these factors can be solved by home sports programs that only need several minutes of your time

While its effect is excellent and the results are satisfactory .. We will provide our visitors with a program of home sports that does not exceed 170 minutes, and helps to burn fat, tighten the muscles of the body and move the blood circulation.

The main point in this program is to keep the body in a continuous state of movement throughout the duration of the exercise .. Therefore, there should not be periods of complete stopping when moving from one exercise to another.

To warm up and warm up. Before starting the exercise, you must do a heating process, for example running or walking in your place for at least two minutes until the body is active and ready to perform the exercises.

The first exercise of the chest and shoulder muscles .. for one minute

In the beginning, you will find this exercise difficult, but with the passage of time it will become part of a simple daily routine .. put your knees on the ground and raise the legs up and one of them wrapped on the other to make your position more stable, while the palms are placed on the ground at the level of the shoulders, and depending on the arms you begin to pay Your body is raised up and then at the end of it you land your body towards the ground while keeping the back in a straight state and focusing dependence on movement on the muscles of the arms only.

The second lower back exercise ... for one minute

Lie flat on your stomach straight, with your hands and legs apart, then raise your right arm and left leg at the same time as far as possible, until you feel a slight pressure under your back, then keep this position for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat the process on the other side for a minute.

To keep fit Run for a minute, then return to the next exercise

  The fourth exercise of the thighs and legs .. for two minutes

The starting position is by standing upright and holding the hands on the thighs, then pushing the left leg back as far as possible, while maintaining its straightness without bending the knee as far as possible, then you start bending the knee until you come close to the ground and automatically you will find that the right foot has bent in front of you by 90 degrees, try Not to distance the right knee level from the instep .. Then he stood again and repeated the process on each side 10 to 15 times for a period of two minutes.

The fifth exercise of the legs .. for two minutes

Place the left instep on the edge of the stairs and let the right leg be turned on the left to focus on only one foot and hold your hands on the "handrail" or on the wall for balance, then start raising your body upward depending on the instep installed on the stairs to the maximum extent, then go down to what Just after your drawer height level, repeat this process 12 to 20 times.

Sixth exercise of the arms and the shoulder .. for two minutes:

Stand with a straight back and place the right hand on the thigh while the left-hand hold light weights and start raising your arm straight to your side until the palm of the hand that holds the weights becomes the shoulder level and parallel to the ground .. Keep this position for two seconds and then return your arm down next to your body and repeat the process on both sides 20 times for two minutes.

The seventh exercise of the abdominal muscles ... for 4 minutes:

The traditional abdominal workout .. Lie on your back with the knees bent and the foot fixed on the ground and place the hands behind the head and elbows to its side and then rely on the abdominal muscles .. Start lifting your body up and back down for 2 minutes, after that to squeeze the sides, do the same exercise with Turning the right elbow to the left knee, when lifting the body and vice versa with the left elbow and repeating for 2 minutes.

The eighth exercise of the back and rear thigh muscles .. for 5 minutes:

Place the hands and knees on the ground and the back straight in an orthogonal angle with the arms and thighs, then pull the left knee forward towards the chest and slowly return it back until it is completely upright in the air and becomes at the back level, and return again to the starting position and fix it to the ground .. This process is repeated 20 Once with each foot.

To complete the exercises, you must gradual and not stop moving directly, for example, you can run in your place and then reduce the speed until you become a calm walk until the heartbeat subsides and your breathing returns to the 
normal position

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