Comprehensive Marketing Secrets Guide 2020

Comprehensive Marketing Secrets Guide 2020

Comprehensive Marketing Secrets Guide 2020

Literally, we are now in the age of electronic marketing, so that there is no room to ignore these huge marketing forces.

Whether you are a business owner seeking to expand your business through these forces, or an ambitious young man seeking to learn the art and science of e-marketing, this article is written specifically for you.

To be appropriately aware of the power and effectiveness and then the importance of e-marketing… Look at your personal life, and ask yourself to what extent the Internet has become a part of my life?

Of course, this does not apply only to you. The Internet has become an essential element of all our lives, and the majority of people around the world use it with great vigor.

Applying the basic marketing rule that says, “Marketing where your potential customers are,” there is no better, better, or more effective place than the Internet to direct marketing efforts.

Pay attention to this topic is long but worth your time, so do not be lazy and complete the subject to the end, it may be a reason to change your life for the better.

What's the online markiting?

E-marketing is: Internet Marketing or Internet Marketing, which means in Arabic marketing through the Internet.

E-marketing is any activity done on the Internet to market a product, service or content.

E-marketing also means the use of the Internet to reach the potential or target customer, in order to achieve the highest level of sales, and thus achieve the highest level of profits.

Although the field of e-marketing is a relatively new field, it has witnessed significant growth and development over the past few years.

E-marketing is not just a branch of marketing in general, but it represents the nature of the technological age we live in now, so there is no wonder, to find that e-marketing contributed significantly to the development and formation of the concept of marketing in general.

In fact, there are millions or even tens of millions of projects for which marketing means only e-marketing.

This includes all the websites on the web, and online stores that provide an easy way for Internet users to buy what they need.

Of course, most projects on the ground also rely heavily on e-marketing to market their products or services.

Why is e-marketing so important to you as a business owner?

In this section we will discuss some important reasons that prove the importance of e-marketing for every business owner, of course these reasons are also the reasons that motivate thousands to learn e-marketing to get huge employment opportunities.

You can also call this part the advantages of e-marketing.

1- E-marketing is the best way for potential customers

Just take a deep breath and try to imagine the number of Internet users right now. Just look around and see your friends, family and co-workers use the Internet, and if you just believe the statistics.

According to statistics, the number of Internet users in January 2019 reached about 4.4 billion people around the world, more than half of the world's population use the Internet on a daily basis.

2 - Competitors using electronic marketing

The Internet is an opportunity to reach as many potential customers as possible for your business.

Whether you take advantage of this opportunity or not, your competitors do it, or at least the smart ones. By giving up e-marketing, you are losing a very important competitive advantage.

3. Prospective customers assume everything is online

When your potential customers want to buy your product or service they will search online, if you don't exist, they will ignore you altogether, or rather they won't come to mind at all.

4- E-marketing helps you to create a new market

E-marketing does not recognize the limits of time and space, from which you can create a new market, and get more new potential customers.

5- E-marketing provides an effective means of direct communication with the client

With the tools of e-marketing, you can actually talk to your potential customers as if you were seeing them face to face. This will enable you to get new ideas, suggestions, and solutions to problems with your product or service.

Also, your customers will feel confident and loyal to your brand, because they see it as a familiar person who communicates with them continuously.

6 - E-marketing provides targeted features like no other

As a result of the data and information available for each Internet user, and based on your marketing channels you can reach the right customer at the right time, and this is really a great feature that distinguishes the Internet from other marketing methods.

7. Internet marketing is the cheapest ever

This point comes primarily from the previous point of targeting, through electronic marketing you will only pay for people who are really targeted for your business, and will pay according to the results you prefer, which starts from just awareness of the existence of your product, and up to complete a sale .

8- E-marketing provides analytical data with utmost accuracy

With the digital analytics tools available in e-marketing, you can get all the information and data you want in order to improve your products and services.

The main elements underlying e-marketing

Electronic marketing is based on a set of elements or components, these elements are governing the marketing process on the Internet of any kind.


Data is the first basic element in e-marketing, from which the marketing process begins in its correct scientific concept.

The purpose of data collection is to know the target customer's needs, purchasing behavior, expected market size, size of competition, nature of competitors, etc.

It is worth mentioning here that the role and importance of data is not only at the beginning, but an important role constantly as long as the marketing process continues.


Plans are very important in everything in our lives, and have a special significance in the field of business in general, but in fact when we talk about e-marketing, the plan has another dimension quite important.

The world of e-marketing is a wide, interconnected and flexible world, and contains a lot of channels, opportunities and trends, so for the success of the marketing process through the Internet must make a precise and clear plan.

This includes identifying budgets, marketing channels, assigning tasks… .etc.


Everyone knows that e-marketing is based primarily on technology, and technology is based on software pre-set to accomplish tasks with less time and effort.

Here, e-marketing tools are a very important element, and they have a big role in success in this field.

For example, a tool like WordPress , which allows you to create a website with ease, is used in 30% of all websites.

It is worth mentioning here that the tools are used in all stages and aspects of e-marketing.

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Skills (Skils)

In fact, there is a lot of data in the world of e-marketing, and this offers a lot of options and alternatives.

Almost every other element is equal, but what makes the difference and makes some achieve exceptional results is marketing skills.

The marketing skills of an electronic marketer are the ones that ultimately depend on everything, and they make the difference between a traditional electronic marketer and a professional electronic marketer .

Marketing skills include:

Creativity, innovation and insight, which depend mainly on the nature of the person and the possibilities of the electronic marketer.

The ability to obtain the best results at the lowest cost, including reducing unnecessary costs, and exploiting the marketing opportunities available.

The ability to build good relationships with others, which helps to create a collaborative environment to achieve the best possible results.

E - marketing channels

E-marketing does not depend on one channel, but depends on many channels and variety. Online marketing channels are interlinked and closely linked.


Blogging is a key pillar of online marketing. Blogging is a long-term marketing approach, aimed at attracting new customers and providing important information and data to existing customers, through the dissemination of useful and high-value content in the field that specializes in business.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon have blogs through which they publish the latest news, and publish important articles to raise awareness of the products and services they offer… etc.

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most brilliant e-marketing ideas. The idea is that owners of goods or services share part of their profits with affiliate marketers who market for them.

In fact, there are millions of dollars every day that are traded through this type of marketing, and this type of marketing, opens great prospects and opportunities for both product owners and commissioners marketers.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, read the topic:  Explaining Affiliate Marketing .

Paid marketing

Paid advertising is one of the fastest channels to get results, but it is also the most expensive. The idea is simply to go to an advertising company, and start creating advertising campaigns according to their system.

There are a lot of advertising companies through which you can market, and there are a lot of marketing methods available in this type. Here is a list of the most important types of advertising companies where you can advertise paid:

1. Search engines such as Google

Mostly search engines offer paid advertising through specialized affiliates.

The primary payment system in search engine ads is click-to-click i.e., you will pay a certain amount for each user who clicks on your site's link.

Here, your ad will appear on the search results page (or on search engine partner sites) according to the keywords you will target in your paid or funded ad.

2 - social networking sites such as Facebook

social networking sites allow users to make advertisements funded for their products and services. With your social media account and Facebook… you can create your own advertising account and start getting visitors to your site or interacting with your business page on the site.

There is more than one way to calculate the cost of advertising on social media sites, such as pay-to-click, pay-to-view, and pay-to-interact on a post.

Read the topic: How to make a funded ad on Facebook .

3. Websites that offer paid advertising services

Many websites and blogs offer advertising space for money.

In this case you should find a website or blog specialized in the same field of your business, and then contact the administration to make an agreement to put an advertising banner on this site or this blog for a fee paid monthly.

This amount depends on the size of the site and the nature of the specialized content.

Of course there are a lot of other advertising companies, but we will be content with only the three mentioned.

Email Marketing

This is the oldest type of electronic marketing, which is by collecting a mailing list containing users who are interested in one thing, and then send marketing messages to them.

It is worth noting that this marketing channel does not operate individually and mostly independent, but works under the umbrella of the site or blog of the business or project.

E-mail marketing in its professional form is a system set on the website, where all the e-mail addresses of potential customers, and then sent marketing messages to them.

To learn more about email marketing, read the article: Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites are considered one of the most important channels of e-marketing at all. We talked about social media marketing when we talked about paid ads, but you can market on social media for free too or you can make a mix of paid and free ads on social media.

Through social networking sites you can build professional business pages for your business, and you can open channels of communication between you and your potential customers, and always keep them up to date with what is new about your business.

To build a professional page for your project on Facebook Read the topic: How to create a Facebook page .

Search Engine Marketing

We looked at search engines as a paid advertising company, but this does not mean that search engines are an independent online marketing channel, but rather the most important and effective online marketing channel ever. Through a website or blog that represents your business, you can get free visitors through search engines, chiefly Google.

This of course requires you to provide high quality content and work to improve your site for search engines or so-called SEO science.

To get to your site or blog for the first result in Google you need to return to the SEO guide a directory of 9 lessons that will really enable you to achieve amazing results, we strongly recommend reading it.

The most important success factors in e-marketing

The quality of the product, service, or content being marketed

E-marketing is not magic that can turn failure into success, but it is a tool that works best when there is basically a good product or service. For the success of your marketing efforts you must always work to raise the quality of what is offered to your customers.

Keep up with the continuous development of the marketing process through the Internet

There are a lot of marketing strategies that work for time, but become exhausted or saturated over time. The ability to keep up with the development of marketing strategies and channels is one of the most important success factors.

As a business owner or e-marketing specialist, you should always keep abreast of what is new in the world of e-marketing.

Ability to constantly analyze results

Analysis of results in the world of e-marketing is the factor that makes every business continue to succeed, and that makes each entity pay attention to its strengths and weaknesses.

There are lots of great analytical tools where you can understand the finer details about your marketing efforts, and then make decisions that support your success.

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront

Customer satisfaction must come first even before making profits for each online entity .

Vigilance and the ability to exploit hot situations and events

In the world of electronic marketing there is what is called the concept of trend (meaning the fame of an event or occasion or something specific at a certain time).

For example, there are many stores that earn millions of extra dollars as a result of exploiting an event such as New Year or Christmas.

Ability to innovate

In fact, the world of the Internet is a very busy world, and this makes there a considerable competition. To overcome this competition, you must adopt innovative methods in your marketing campaigns.

Always work on the development of electronic marketing assets

When we talk about marketing assets here we mean:

The website

should be designed in a way that reflects the quality of the product, highlighting its features and its ability to meet customer needs. The site must also be a brand appearance by choosing the right colors and design.

On the other hand, we must work to prepare the site for search engines, and provide it with good content and constantly renewed.

Business pages on social media sites

include the official business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and also the official YouTube channel. Here you should show these pages professionally, through the full integration of data, and attention to images that express the brand, and of course provide them with attractive content and constantly renewed.

The most important sources for learning e-marketing

In this part I will finish my article with a group of leading sources in the field of electronic marketing, along with a set of free professional courses offered by large and leading entities such as Google.

The most famous global blogs in the field of electronic marketing

Copyblogger one of the most popular blogs for content marketing 

HubSpot (the most famous and most important blog in the world of electronic marketing) 

Google Blog -Yes, this is a Google Blog that's enough to show its importance 

Moz Blog - Moz is the most popular search engine configuration 

Neil Patel -Neil Patel is the most famous blogger in the field of e-marketing 

Social Blogger -one of the most popular social media blogs 

Jeffbullas -one of the most popular blogs in social media marketing 

A collection of free brochures in e-marketing

A collection of free courses offered by Hubspot 

A free course on configuration in search engines submitted by winners 

A collection of free courses offered by Google 

A collection of free courses in social media marketing from Alison. 

A range of courses offered by Coursera, you can study for free without a certificate, and you will find there are many free courses. 

I hope that in this article I set a reservation basis in e-marketing for every business owner, and for every aspiration to learn e-marketing.

Please do not skimp on your friends to share this article in order to prevail interest.

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