How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

We are going to talk about the CPA industry will inevitably address how to enroll and acceptance in the CBA companies. 
The CPA registration and admission step is one of the most important and will be the first steps.

The nature of registration and admission to CPA companies
The task of registering and admitting to CPA companies will be rather difficult for those who do not have sufficient experience. 
Here we separate the registration and acceptance points.

Not everyone who has registered with a company will be guaranteed to work with them.

However, in order to work for a company, it requires a member of the company to review your registration form and be accepted as a publisher.

At other times, a company employee makes a phone call with you and accordingly accepts or refuses to work for your company.

At other times, you will need to send an email to the support department of the company after you have registered to show your email marketing skills in order to convince them to accept you as a publisher.

Other times, you should make a phone call.

In this article I will show you step by step how to enroll in the best CPA companies and how you can accept them. 
I will teach you more and more tactics and methods that I have learned over the past 4 years that I myself have gained as a result

My long experience with CPA companies, which I relied on and accepted through dozens of companies. 
First let us know the contents of the document or form that you must fill in to complete CPA registration.

Explanation of CPA registration form
Any CPA registration form consists of a group of departments. 
Each section requires a specific type of data that you must provide in order to have a complete picture of you as their publisher, and 
accordingly decide whether to accept you as a publisher.

It should be noted that each CPA company has its own unique registration form. 
You may find that some companies require registration to provide them with your personal information in a simple way.

Some other companies have a fairly complex registration form that requires a vast amount of data, information and marketing skills.

Between these two scores, there are many, many degrees varying in terms of the amount of information required to register. 
Here I will address the most complex types of forms and requests for data and information.

To have the expertise required to register with the best or most severe companies in applying high standards for publisher acceptance.

The CPA registration document is often divided into several sections.

First , personal data or  Personal Information
It concerns your personal data such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. 
In this part you may find the first two difficulties you may encounter and here's an explanation of each with solutions to how to overcome.

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

, some companies may ask you to provide them with your own site. This may be the first difficulty you may have. Here are some solutions to this situation.

1. Make a page on one of the free hosting such as Blogger or WordPress put some articles that talk about online marketing and some articles about working CPA companies.

2- Write WWW.EMAILMARKETING.COM This means telling them that you are working as an email marketer and do not have a specific website.

3 - Write WWW.UNIQUELANDINGPAGE.COM This means that you are making a landing page for each offer you market.

, you may find a box with these letters and symbols SS # / Corp ID # / ABN. This is a tax code and you live in an Arab country that does not have special tax laws for online business.

So put out this code N / A and means: Unknown. If this code does not work, place five zeros instead. 
So we have covered the first part of the registration document and now move on to the second part.

Secondly, the source of your knowledge of the company or how you know the company  References and General Information
In this section, the company asks you to tell them how you identified them or to provide them with a source from within the company through which you identified the company.

In my view, the best option is to tell them that you know them through one of these sites.

Why? Because these sites specialize in talking about CBA companies and CBA offerings.
You tell them that you are an expert in the CPA industry because you are a good follower of these sites that talk about everything related to offers and companies working in the CPA industry.

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies
You can also add a comment telling them if you find that they have some good offers you want to market that you have browsed through Offervault.

III. Visitor  Information Tra ffic Information
This is the most serious and important part of the registration document that they will rely on in making their decision whether to accept or reject you as their publisher.

You will find questions of the type: what sector or type of offers you are currently marketing. 
Determine what kind of offers you often market based on your source of visitors.

At other times they ask you what kind of offers you want to market with us, and which countries you target. 
They will ask you about your monthly profit with other companies you work with and what kind of visitors you use.

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

Here I will stop a little to tell you something important.
First, be honest in the data you provide them because they will discover the truth with more questions via email.

Second, if you find that a particular company requires you to get data you don't own.
You can undo the registration at this time so that you can find a company that is easier in its terms and plan to return to difficult companies later.

Fourth Add a comment or clarify about yourself Final and final comments
In this part I will not tell you exactly what you write, but I will give you the best:
What outlines can you talk about in this section?

Talk about your successes with other companies you work with.
Tell them more about your marketing experience and how effective your source of visitors is.
Tell them more about your business plan and the offers you want to market once you are accepted as a publisher.

How do you register and accept in the best CPA companies

Some tips for registering and admitting to CPA companies
1. Start with easy companies and try to achieve some successes with them and then moved to the top level.

2 - There are hundreds of companies, of which they accept you automatically so do not despair never when rejected by a company.

3 - Create an account on the linkedin site and  put some of your data such as: 
You work as a publisher in the CBA industry and demonstrate some of your marketing skills.

You will find account managers who offer you to work for them in their companies and will actually accept you without further conditions once you tell them that you have filled out the registration form.

3- Do not despair from the first round. 
What no one will tell you is that the subject will not end with a message on your email telling you that you have been rejected.

Reply to this email with another professional message telling them more reasons why they accept you or ask to speak to an official through Skype.

4. Each company has an entrance or person when you arrive to ensure that you enter this company and this person may be an account manager or publisher of the old company tried to search for this person.

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